Google Melange Notifier

Google Melange Notifier is a simple command line utility for notifying GCI and WSoC students about task state changes.

Current notify methods

  • via beeping - beeps until Ctrl-C is pressed [default, cause should work on every system with pc speaker]
  • via toast - displays toast notifications (in upper right corner) until it's clicked [since win8]
  • via libnotify - displays notify via libnotify [Linux graphics environment with support for libnotify]
  • via Windows message box - displays message box with notifacations [since win 2000]

You can also add your own notification method by editing "" script. Then you can change current notification method by editing NOTIFICATION_METHOD in "" file.



Since utility is written in bash, you need this shell (Windows doesn't have it by default). I recommend you git bash because it's included in git and I use this, so you're sure that will work. If you cloned this from online repository with git you probably have git bash.

You need wget too. You can download it here. After unpacking it's recommended to copy files to new directory and add package bin directory to PATH enviroment variable. You can also copy content of the package bin directory to the same directory which "" script is located in. CAUTION! After running wget it will display errors about missing DLLs. You have to download them too (the same URL).


Linux has bash and wget, so only thing you must do is clone this repository. If you don't have git, just install it using your package manager.

Other systems

You'll need bash (or similar shell) and wget command. To clone this repository you need git.


It's very simply! Just open "" file in your favourite text editor and simply edit it! There's instruction there.


Just run

./ <task_id>

Task ID is part of task URL after last slash. If you won't paste ID every time you run script, you can save it in TASK_ID_FILE (variable in "", "" by default). Well, it's easier. Just run once for save settings:

echo <task_id> >

Now you can run script with '-' (dash) parameter. It loads saved task ID.

./ -


If you cloned repository with git, you can download new changes by running

git pull


  • GCI image belongs to Google.
  • Toast belongs to nels-o, license: CC BY 3.0
  • msgbox,, belongs to Mrowqa (me), license: MIT (see LICENSE.txt file)

Copyright (C) 2013 Artur "Mrowqa" Jamro,