Modern security system

GSF project (polish only):

Project was done using Raspberry Pi and HMC5883L magnetometer. Due to that script is written in Python it's simple to port it to another platforms and use other sensors - you have to just write little class for communication beetwen OS and magnetometer.


  • used Python (cross-platfom),
  • management via simply config files and webpanel,
  • webpanel with real-time chart displaying data from sensor,
  • notify alarm via email, sound alarm, SMS,
  • installable as service in systems using init.d (e.g. Debian).


Config files can be found in /service_files/config directory. After service installation you will be notified when the config files are located (see


You can run this project in two ways:

  1. Portable mode. Just run this script:

  2. Using as service. Install service:

    sudo ./

    Then you can run service by:

    sudo service alarm-center start

    And make it starting when OS boots:

    sudo update-rc.d alarm-center defaults


If you cloned repository with git, you can download new changes by running

git pull


Log file is located in /var/log/alarm-center.log. Log is not rotated or truncated by default, so it would be good to do some clean up once in a while.


All the code excluding extlib is licenced under GNU GPL v3 license.

External libraries' licences:


  • use webpy instead bottlepy (more readable code)
  • implement VMS (phone call) notification (SMSAPI provides that, you just have to find in documentation)
  • move data validation from HttpServer to ProberServer (POST HTTP method on index.html)
  • AnalyzerService should analyze data in slave thread
  • move default client configuration from index.html template to configuration file
  • create webpanel for configuring notification methods
  • improve AnalyzerService algorithm
  • open issues in tracker and delete this TODO

Have fun!

Copyright (C) 2014 Artur "Mrowqa" Jamro,