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Georg Brandl  committed d0ddca7

Fix latex markup for line blocks in tables.

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 * Fix small problems in HTML help index generation.
+* Fix LaTeX output for line blocks in tables.
 * Fix "illegal unit" error when using pixel image widths/heights.
 * Support table captions in LaTeX output.

File sphinx/latexwriter.py

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             # no output in this line -- add a nonbreaking space, else the
             # \\ command will give an error
-        self.body.append('\\\\\n')
+        if self.table is not None:
+            self.body.append('\\newline\n')
+        else:
+            self.body.append('\\\\\n')
     def visit_block_quote(self, node):
         # If the block quote contains a single object and that object