This is the source code for the site dedicated to the Littré dictionary.

The DB schema, the todo list, and some of the variables are in French.

The license for the code and the documentation is
Affero GPL.


  • system libraries for compiling:
    aptitude install zlib1g-dev libicu-dev
  • Install separately the non-library package: cabal install happy
  • cabal install --only-dependecies (with cabal 1.16 and multi-core, add -j)
  • Install the Yesod tools: cabal install yesod-bin
  • The sqlite library must be patched so that comparisons with collations become possible:
    • patch in sphinx/misc/ for the sqlite C lib.
    • cabal install --force-reinstalls --reinstall -f systemlib persistent-sqlite
  • yesod build or yesod devel

When compiling on a VPS with only 512 MB of memory, yesod will fail without any message.
Compiling directly with cabal, or even ghc, may be necessary.