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Potato / Setup (Unix Makefile)

Here's the way to build and run this game from source.

Getting what you need


This project has the following dependencies:

  • OpenGL
  • GLEW
  • SDL
  • Json-Cpp
  • SOIL
  • GLM

Json-Cpp and SOIL are bundled with the source code, so you won't need to worry about them. But you'll need the development libraries for OpenGL, GLM, GLEW and SDL.

If you're using an Debian/Ubuntu system, you sould install these libraries with apt-get On Ubuntu:

apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libglew-dev mesa-common-dev libglm-dev

On Debian the packages may resemble similar names.

On Arch Linux:

pacman -S sdl glew libgl glm

Premake 4

There's a file called premake4.lua in the project's root. This little file defines the project configurations, directories, linking settings and other things. With premake4 and this lua file it is possible to generate various kinds of projects. It can generate Visual Studio solutions as well as a set of Makefiles.

So let's get premake! You can get it from your distribution repositories or from

Now that you have premake installed, let's generate a Makefile. To do so run on the terminal

premake4 gmake

And BAM! There's your Makefile

Building and running

Now that you have a Makefile done, you just need to run


And that's it! If it all goes well (if there are no build errors), you should have yourself a Potato binary, ready to run! To run it just type in


Happy coding!