== dstatus ==

dstatus is an extendable status application designed with dwm in
mind. It features a plugin system which makes it easy to add new
modules with additional status information.

To configure your status line you need to modify config.h to
suit your needs. Every plugin has a unique identifier that is
used to specify its position in your status line:

    b: battery
    c: CPU
    i: IP address
    M: memory
    m: mpd
    s: selinux
    t: time
    v: volume
    w: wifi
    B: brightness

To add such an item to your status line it has to be prefixed
with a '%' sign. To add a '%' sign it has to be escaped with
another '%'.

Items and text may be grouped together so that when the plugin
returns no status information a whole block of text will not be
displayed. This is possible via '%(' and '%)', grouping
everything inbetween together. It is not possible to nest groups.

Example for a status line:

    "%([ VOL %v%% ]%) %t"