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Added Regex type

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 .. autoclass:: dotconf.schema.types.String
+.. autoclass:: dotconf.schema.types.Regex
 .. autoclass:: dotconf.schema.types.IPAddress
 .. autoclass:: dotconf.schema.types.IPNetwork
 .. autoclass:: dotconf.schema.types.Url


 """ Builtin types of dotconf.schema
+import re
 import urlparse
         return value
+class Regex(String):
+    """ A string base type validated against a regex.
+    """
+    def __init__(self, regex, error='value doesn\'t match'):
+        super(String, self).__init__()
+        self._regex = re.compile(regex)
+        self._error = error
+    def validate(self, value):
+        value = super(Regex, self).validate(value)
+        if not self._regex.match(value):
+            raise ValidationError(self._error)
+        return value
 class IPAddress(String):
     """ A string based type representing an ipv4 or ipv6 address.
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