Source code is built against .NET 4.5 and Entity Framework 6 with Visual Studio 2013, which should include all other prerequisites.

The DDL to create database is located in Source/Crossover/CrossoverModel.edmx.sql. Currently the project is configured to use the LocalDb, but this may be changed by altering the connectionStrings in both Crossover/App.config and WebInterface/Web.config. WebInterface uses Crossover's EF models, so it should always link to its DbContext.


In order to build the service, the "Crossover" project MUST be set to "Windows Application". The service is then registered by installutil.exe in VS's Developer Command Prompt. To build the WebInterface, however, the Crossover project must be switched to "Class Library".


  • Currently, if LocalDb is used, the service and web interface parts cannot run at the same time due to access conflicts.
  • Only authorized people will have access to the application, so the register page is open to everyone. If this is an open web portal, the register function should probably be removed in favor of administrator-only account creation. Alternatively, a more robust role-based authentication system should be adopted.
  • Service has LocalSystem access, or the logging routines won't work properly.