1. Nat Sakimura
  2. abop


OpenID/AB 1.0 draft 12 Sample OP
Author: Nat Sakimura
License: GPL v.3

This is an OpenID Artifact Binding 
Sample OpenID Provider. 

Files and Directories

* op.php - main OP program. 
* base64url.php - base64url encoding functions
* libmagicsignature.php - Magic Signature Library
* libmysqlcrypt.php - AES Encryption of the code. 
* ids/alice.json - Alice's Identity File
* ids/bob.json - Bob's Identity File
* ids/ax.json - Label for the attributes

OpenID/AB is OpenID over OAuth2.0. 
Thus, unlike OpenID Authn 2.0, it has two endpoints. 

* End User Endpoint: op.php?mode=art_req
* Token Endpoint: op.php?mode=direct_assertion_req

Currently, both are served by a same program. 
They can be separated out in a future version. 

* It does not implement the client certs GET. 
* It does not implement the realm match
* It does not implement the client_secret