HTTPS SSH Artist Connector

Overview Artist Connector connects the artist database with content imported from Movable Type.

This plugin powers the artist directory featured in the Archive. Artist Connector queries the artist, which is then displayed in the Archive theme.


Install the plugin directory under wp-content/plugins or wp-content/mu-plugins.


After installation, go to Settings / Musicwhore Artist Connector and fill in the fields to connect to the Observant Records database.

  • Database host: The name where the Observant Records database is hosted.
  • Database name: The name of the Observant Records database on the server.
  • Database user: The name of a user with credentials to read to the Observant Records database.
  • Database password: The password of the user.

Fill in additional fields for connecting to the Amazon Product Marketing API.

  • Access key: Your Amazon Web Services Access Key.
  • Affiliate ID: Enter your affiliate IDs for the US, UK and Japan.

For queries to the Amazon Product Marketing API to work, you must define a constant named MUSICWHORE_AWS_SECRET_KEY with your Amazon Web Servers Secret Key in wp-config.php.

define( MUSICWHORE_AWS_SECRET_KEY, 'Amazon secret key goes here');


After the plugin has been enabled and a database connection stored, the Artist Connector adds a section in your post editing screen for providing Artist meta data.