Vigilant Media Network

Vigilant Media Network is a set of personal web projects developed and maintained by Greg Bueno.


My career on the web started in newspapers, where I was a content producer for Austin 360 from 1997-2000. Back then, content was edited and maintained manually. Content management systems were in their infancy, and blogs were still called "online journals."

I made the transition to web software engineering in 2000 out of an interest to automate my own web writing. I went so far as to build a custom PHP front-end to Movable Type, which eventually evolved into an ad hoc framework I would use professionally till 2008.

That year, I started to move my sites to CodeIgniter and eventually retired my own system.

CodeIgniter and Blueprint CSS, two third-party projects used heavily by the Network, became community efforts, which prompted me to reconsider the scope of the network and to adopt newer resources.

So the Network was separated into different repositories to focus on upgrading its more active components.

About this repository

This repository now consists of submodules to specific sites within the Vigilant Media Network.