Do not perform spell checking in formatting strings

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Issue #27 resolved
Dmitri Dmitri created an issue

Spell checking should not happen in formatting strings such as DateTime.ToString.

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  1. Harald-René Flasch

    Good idea, agreed. Also for: Guid guid = new Guid("c040f289-6d12-4545-a8f9-fbc20a0623e2");

    Maybe a way suppressing spell-checking via #pragma directive or comment would be a generic solution (like the R#'s "ignore with comment" feature)?

    e.g. private const string ApplicationKey = "sdfsafasfd";

    Anyway, ReSpeller is already a "must-have" plug-in ;-)

  2. Dmitri Dmitri reporter

    Strictly speaking, ReSpeller can just introduce an external annotation, something like [NotText]. But checking for string.Format annotations is easy because they are already there.

  3. Nerzhul500 repo owner

    What about string.Format("my typoooo is {0}", smth) ? I don't know how to figure out should ReSpeller check such strings or not.

    Harald-René Flasch, Guid and URIs are excluded from check in new release (coming soon).

  4. der Igel

    As I said LocalizationRequiredAttribute is already do it, string.Format(..) is localizable, int.ToString(..) - not.

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