"committ" not recognized as typo - should be commit

Issue #30 resolved
Harald-René Flasch
created an issue

As far I remember there was a typo in a C# comment "committ" which was not recognized.

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  1. Nerzhul500 repo owner

    It happens because there are two words exist in the main dictionary: "com" and "mitt". And as I wrote here https://bitbucket.org/Nerzhul500/resharper-spell-checker/wiki/Home in the "Checking behavior" part ReSpeller tries to split word into two parts and check each of ones separately. In some cases like yours ReSpeller skips wrong words, but so he recognizes better some words like "filename", "directorypath" etc which not splitted by camelHump. I met a lot of such identifiers in many projects.

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