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10 Dec 2012

ReSpeller new release 2.3.0 is out. Now ReSpeller is provided in two versions: Free and Pro.
ReSpeller got an official site where you can compare editions and download the best Spell Checker for ReSharper

New release brings a lot of changes:

  • Multilingual support
  • New programming languages and file types
  • Typo highlighting in the rename dialog
  • Checking behavior options
  • Performance optimizations
  • A lot of bugs fixing
  • Compatibility with ReSharper 7.1

Get ReSpeller Pro or Free just now

Welcome to ReSpeller home page!
ReSpeller is a powerful spell checker for JetBrains ReSharper that has no equivalents. ReSpeller is based on NHunspell spell checking engine ( and uses a part of IntelliJ IDEA dictionaries.

ReSpeller overview


  • ReSpeller supports several languages and file types:
    • C# and Visual Basic
      • Identifier checking
      • String literal checking
      • Comments checking
  • Native ReSharper suggests and refactorings
    In constrast to other spell checkers ReSpeller uses native ReSharper suggests and refactorings instead of context menu-like suggests: Local typo Non-local typo
    So when you fix typo in identifier you will get all benefits of ReSharper rename refactoring like renaming of dependent symbols, string literals etc.
  • Checking behavior
    • ReSpeller considers ReSharper naming rules like identifier suffixes and prefixes and doesn't perform checking of them.
    • ReSpeller doesn't check words with length less than 3, because in most cases it doesn't make sense.
    • If ReSpeller sees an incorrect word he tries to split this one into all kinds of word pairs and check each word in the pair separately. So words like "registrykey" or "wildhoney" will be accepted as correct despite the whole words are missing in the dictionary.
  • Inspecting typos in whole solution
    You can open ReSharper->Inspect->Code Issues in Solution to review all typos in your projects: img/inspections_window.png
  • Configurable severity of typo inspections
    You can also configure severity for different typo inspections in ReSharper Options->Inspection Severity page: img/severity.png


ReSpeller Free is licensed under LGPL

Questions, bugs and new ideas

  • If you have questions go to Faq page or email me (Artem Bukhonov <nerzhulart (at)>)
  • If you have new ideas how to improve ReSpeller email me too.
  • If you found a bug submit it to bugtracker. Don't be so lazy please, don't submit new issues as anonymous users, maybe I have to contact you :)