Mikko Ahlroth


A Qt QML app to show system uptime for Sailfish OS. Includes a cover with the uptime and load averages with an optional automatic refresh and configurable refresh interval.


A multitasking IRC bot written in PHP. Note that this repository is old and unmaintained. The code here is only for informational purposes.


Small Elixir library for encoding and decoding HTML entities.


An IRC bot written in Elixir.


A PHP bot PoC which can reload code when a signal is given.

Some Dungeon Game

This is a skeleton of a beginning of a dungeon game of sorts, which I wrote in a few days and then swiftly abandoned. It has a random dungeon maker (albeit a pretty bad one), some OOP structure for different world entities and "realtime" visibility drawing.

proc_open utilities

A collection of classes for easier multitasking and IPC in PHP CLI programs.