Sysmon-ws is a simple Python WebSocket server which broadcasts system information to all listening clients. It also includes a small HTML5 UI which displays the information in a somewhat sensible manner. I pieced this together one night when inspiration hit, so the code is written in a quick and dirty manner.

Sysmon-ws uses 3rd party code:


Clone the files to a directory, create a virtualenv if you like and then install libs with pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt


Usage example from my server (I use a virtualenv for it):

[nicd@nytsoi ~]$ cd /srv/sysmon-ws
[nicd@nytsoi sysmon-ws]$ . venv-sysmon-ws/bin/activate
(venv-sysmon-ws)[nicd@nytsoi sysmon-ws]$ python >/dev/null


  • Original AutoBahnPython code in is licensed with Apache 2.0, read for more details.
  • jquery-graceful-websocket (ws.js) is licensed with the MIT License.
  • My code (index.html and modifications in is licensed with the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.