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 A RabbitMQ demo app for a quick presentation at DDD Melbourne
 *Demo code created late on a Friday night, as of first 2 days of commits (29th of May) code is not optimal, and you can still see very rough attempts at refactoring it for a recursive approach.
+You can also see the debugging code of 'CreteIndividualClientAndServer()' where the work is manually undertaken instead of processing loops.
+Spawn() is the failed recursive attempts.
+RecursiveSpawning() is to be a new set of work where this is solved neatly.
+BuildClientAndServerAndExchangeAndModel() is a helper method that needs refactoring to be more suitable in a recursive pattern of initialisation.
+The Thread.Sleep() calls littered through the code are to combat a strange occurrence of tight processing loops causing queue/exchange creation exceptions with RabbitMQ.