Clone wiki


Basically, you need to save the content of the packages which are cooked (=with options that cannot be changed) again, save them as separate packages and then replace the original package once you do the changes.


  1. Open the map editor
  2. Switch to the Unreal editor (the icon on the right position on the bar)
  3. Open the Content Browser /light bulb icon/
  4. In the bottom left corner, you see the packages. When launching the editor, you should always right click the “MMH7Game” folder first and choose “Fully load” if you want to see all the files.
  5. Choose the upk file you need to open in the structure tree (for example: Editor/Templates/CreatureAbilities/H7CrAbilitiesSpecial)

Then right click the archetype to edit (for example A_AcidBreath):

a) If the upk file is uncooked (lighter background of the properties, as the example with H7CrAbilitiesSpecial above): you can do any changes directly to the file, like changing the properties, ticking the frames etc. After you do any changes, you only need to right click the package /the structure above, in this example H7CrAbilitiesSpecial if you changed A_Acidbreath/, and choose Save. Then the game should start using it.

b) If the upk file is cooked (darker background, for example: Editor/Templates/Skills/MagicSkills/H7SkillAirMagic), it won’t let you do any change directly. In such case, you need to choose all the archetypes in the file (check that it’s fully loaded), the easiest way to do so is CTRL+A. Then right click one of the archetypes and choose “Create a copy”. Don’t change any properties, only the name of the package to any name which does not exist yet in the game. All the archetypes will be copied to the new package which is created automatically as soon as you type its name.

Then, choose “OK to ALL” and save the new package by the right click. It should be saved to the “EditorWorkspace” folder you can open it from (the open package icon). Now you can do all the changes to the file. After you change everything you needed, save the package again. Once you exit the editor, replace the game files, usually located in MMH7Game/CookedPC (the same way you used for the package while finding it) with the package you created.

IMPORTANT: If the package consists of more sub-packages, for example the H7CampaignHeroes.upk can consist of more sub-packages according to heroes’s factions, then you need to save the content of each sub-package separately (but to one your own package). It means you cannot select all of them at once. It’s because they have their own special path (for example H7CampaignHeroes/haven).