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Install Netbeans 8.02 or higher, Install JDK 8 from Java website

What is this repository for?

This port allow to use both command line arguments are graphical interface.

The supported command line arguments are:

  • -help /help -? /? to display the help page
  • -input InputFilename
  • -output OutputFilename

The application converts a Ring Tone Transfert Language (RTTTL) into Gcode compatible with 3D printers. 3D printers will play the tone by using the LCD screen Buzzer.

*Requirements: So make sure your 3D printer has a LCD screen with a buzzer. The 3D printer firmware will also need to support M300 Gcode (Repetier and Marlin firmware normally support that)

How do I get set up?

  • Run the application without command line
  • Click on "Add Input Files" button
  • Select all the files containing RTTL string format you want to convert
  • Click on "Convert!" button and everything should be converted

As an example here is what the RTTL file should look like: HauntHouse: d=4,o=5,b=108: 2a4, 2e, 2d#, 2b4, 2a4, 2c, 2d, 2a#4, 2e., e, 1f4, 1a4, 1d#, 2e., d, 2c., b4, 1a4, 1p, 2a4, 2e, 2d#, 2b4, 2a4, 2c, 2d, 2a#4, 2e., e, 1f4, 1a4, 1d#, 2e., d, 2c., b4, 1a4

It contains 3 parts separated by ":" caracter. -First part is the name of the tone -Second part is the settings used to play the tone, it should contain the 3 parameters d(default duration), o (octave) and b(tempo) -Third part: all the notes separated by ",". the detail of the format can be found on the wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_Tone_Transfer_Language


It should compile without any need for any libraries. When running a conversion you might get some messages telling you that there were some kind of issues with the input file. Most of the time the following cases apply: -The input file is empty -The input file format is wrong (often you have 4 ":" caracter instead of 3, so check it out. -Some of the settings format are wrong, i could see the b setting for tempo be written with "BPM" or some text like "SLOW", just remove the "BPM" text or correct the tempo value and it should run. -the character "_" might be used instead of "#" which should be handled by the parser already. -One of the notes syntax is wrong.

Contribution guidelines

  • Thanks to DDRBoxman for his javascript application!
  • Thanks to Nutz95 for porting it to Java application