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A universal finite state automaton

Reconfigurable Fsa to evaluate strings.

Running instructions

Made with Java 1.7, elements should be backwards compatible to 1.5 Unzip files into an arbitrary folder. Have the Java JDK & JRE in your system path for console access. Open a console. Change the directory to the arbitrary folder. * enter "javac TestsUfsm.java"

The program accepts either the default included file, in.txt, or one specified via the command line. A separate file will need to be in the same folder as the unpacked zip. These are, alternately: either enter "java TestsUfsm" (default) or enter "java TestsUfsm replace_this_string_with_file_name"

The program prints its output to the console. Should you desire a less ephemeral view, redirecting the output will work. * Instead of above, enter "java TestsUfsm > replace_with_output_name"

Input file format

[number of states; first is initial] [final states, space delimited] [alphabet symbols] { transition block (state symbol next_state) } //--// [definition delimiter]

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