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Code Smackdown is a code snippet comparison website application. The viewer of the website is presented with a variety of code snippets pairs, and is able to vote on which one is the preferrable snippet. Think of it as "Hot or Not" for Code Snippets, where the relative benchmark is another snippet.

Users are able to submit their own snippets for other people to review, and each snippet has an associated comment thread where a good, hearty discussion can be had to justify your decision and perhaps let other people know why theirs was wrong.

If you're interested, take a look at the technology stack used in this codebase to get an idea of how it was built. It'll also show you how to get a working development environment up and running on your local machine.

The Goal

As always, the goal of any personal project is to learn as much as possible while having fun doing it! This project is no different. Not only is this letting us play with some fun technology that we'll be using in our professional lives, it might provide other people with a realistic demonstration of how you could create a proper, real-world ASP.NET MVC 2 application with appropriate separation of concerns and a set of non-brittle unit tests.

Of course, it might not ;-) Feedback is very welcome!

Ultimately we plan to have Code Smackdown running at, but at the moment we're trying to find the best way of hosting and deploying the application without boosting our hosting costs. That's sometimes the price you pay when being on the bleeding edge in the .NET world.