dotfiles / hg / .hgrc

username = OJ Reeves <>
editor = vim
merge = diffmerge

diffmerge.executable = /usr/bin/diffmerge
diffmerge.binary = False
diffmerge.args = --result=$output -t1="Local Version" -t2=$output -t3="Other Version" --caption=$output  $local $base $other
diffmerge.symlinks = False
diffmerge.gui = True
diffmerge.premerge = True

cmd.diffmerge = /usr/bin/diffmerge

addremove = -s 100
glog = -l10 --style /home/oj/.hg-map-cmdline.sglog
log = -l5 --style /home/oj/.hg-map-cmdline.nlog

hgext.extdiff =
hgext.patchbomb =
hgext.convert =
hgext.bookmarks = =
hgext.graphlog =
hgext.purge =
hgext.color =
prompt = /home/oj/code/hg-prompt/


qstatus = status --rev -2:.
bpush = push --rev 
dm = diffmerge
. = glog -l10 --style /home/oj/.hg-map-cmdline.sglog
bu = update -C
s = status

status.modified = yellow

cacerts = /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
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