.. -*- restructuredtext -*- ============= OPiQuotations ============= PHP package to deal quotations (text, author...) and maxims (text, nation...) from a MySQL database. * Complete sources (and MySQL quotations file) on Bitbucket: * `Online HTML documentation`_ |OPiQuotations| My personal use of this package: |OPiCitations| * `Web application containing a lot of French quotes`_ |OPiQuotations-16| * `une OPiCitation`_ |one-OPiQuotation-16|: Little Web application to display one OPiCitation (may be used in an iframe to include in another Web page) * `@OPiCitationJour`_: Twitter account with an OPiCitation by day * `1OPiCitationParJour`_: Page Facebook with another OPiCitation by day .. _`Online HTML documentation`: .. _`Web application containing a lot of French quotes`: .. _`une OPiCitation`: .. _`@OPiCitationJour`: .. _`1OPiCitationParJour`: .. |OPiCitations| image:: .. |OPiQuotations| image:: .. |OPiQuotations-16| image:: .. |one-OPiQuotation-16| image:: Message to developers ===================== This is a **free software**, so you can download it, **modify it** and **submit your modifications**. You can also **redistribute** your own version (keeping the GPL license). Author: 🌳 Olivier Pirson β€” OPi |OPi| πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 🐧 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ ================================================================== 🌐 Website: πŸ’Ύ Bitbucket: * πŸ“§ * Mastodon: β€” Twitter: * diaspora* (Framasphere*): * other profiles: .. |OPi| image:: Support me ========== This package is a completely **free software** (GPL license). So it is **completely free** (like "free speech" and like "free beer"). However you can **support me** financially by donating. Go to the link |Donate|_. **Thank you!** .. _Donate: .. |Donate| image:: License: GPLv3_ |GPLv3| ======================= Copyright (C) 2014 – 2019 Olivier Pirson This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <>. .. _GPLv3: .. |GPLv3| image:: Other parts ----------- * `Comme Light`_ by `Vernon Adams`_ (`SIL Open Font License`_). See also `Bug in dash character`. .. _`Comme Light`: .. _`SIL Open Font License`: .. _`Vernon Adams`: .. _`Bug in dash character`: * `Simple diaspora* sharing button`_ ( .. _`Simple diaspora* sharing button`: * `Social Flat Rounded Rects`_ icons by `Aha-Soft`_ (`Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)`_). .. _`Aha-Soft`: .. _`Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 Unported)`: .. _`Social Flat Rounded Rects`: * TwitterOAuth_ ( .. _TwitterOAuth: Known bug ========= * iPod Safari: left panel doesn't appear when click it. Changes ======= * **03.00.00** (working version) β€” April 5, 2019 - Added assertions in development JavaScript code. - Added `Db::to_string()` and `Db::to_string_or_NULL()` functions. - Added `is_misattributed` and `added_timestamp` fields in `quotation` table. - Added `OPiQuotations::quotation_add_selection()` and modified `OPiQuotations::quotations_by_random()`. - Added `OPiQuotations::quotation_by_random()` function. - Added language field to specify HTML lang="" when there is a translation. - Added **lists** of quotations **posted on Twitter and Facebook** and quotations with Web links. and link to the message on each of these quotations. - Added pagination mechanism. - Added `rel="nofollow"` attribute to each URL selection. - Added translation and some options in to_text*() methods. - Reindented code. - Renamed `_selected_label` table to `quotation_selection`, added `url` field and added `vw_quotation_selection` view. - Replaced "" quotes by β€œ ”. - Replaced float by flex boxes for two columns text|translation. - Replaced Yahoo email by GMail. - Removed Google+ sharing button. - Updated log. - Updated Twitter length to 280 characters. - Updated TwitterOAuth_ and adapted `une-OPiCitation-pour-Twitter.php`. - In Web application `index.php`: - Added **diaspora*, LinkedIn and email sharing buttons** and replaced intrusive sharing buttons by an AJAX panel with simple links. - Added mention of misattributed quotation. - Added pagination. - Customized responsive mode and general interface. - Removed JavaScript to old Internet Explorer. - Replaced "nation" by "maxime" in HTML pages and adapted CSS. - Replaced ' quotes by " in JavaScript. - Reseted button CSS for Firefox. - In Web application `une-OPiCitation.php`: - Added print style. - Added mention of misattributed quotation. - Corrected external style link. - In Web application `une-OPiCitation-pour-Twitter.php`: - Added 5 tries with decreasing length. * 02.01.00 β€” August 29, 2016 - Added **hashtag** to Twitter and Facebook posts. - Corrected `Comme-Light.ttf font bug`_ with a workaround. - Removed not necessary target="_blank". - Renamed oneOPiQuotation and uneOPiCitation files to one-OPiQuotation and une-OPiCitation. - Renamed `OPiQuotations_list.php` to `OPiQuotations-list.php`. - Renamed `uneOPiCitation_pour_Facebook.php` to `une-OPiCitation-pour-Facebook.php`. - Renamed `uneOPiCitation_pour_Twitter.php` to `une-OPiCitation-pour-Twitter.php`. - In Web application `index.php`: - Added style to links. - Added some background images and more visible border on reduced left panel. - Corrected JavaScript bug with Google+ sharing button. - Removed message and JavaScript to very old Internet Explorer. - Replaced `hover` by `onclick` on about panel. - Replaced `<span class="highlight">` by `<mark>`. .. _`Comme-Light.ttf font bug`: * 02.00.01 β€” August 1st, 2016 - Corrected bug in `index.php`: random button run only once. - Corrected print style. - Replaced links used to sharing in une-OPiCitation. - Simplified print style. - Updated email link in `index.php`. * **02.00.00** β€” October 26, 2015 - Added cutting functions. - Added external id links to une-OPiCitation. - Added Open Graph attributes. - Added Twitter, Facebook and Google+ **share buttons**. - Corrected some minor bugs. - Customized interface. - Minified CSS and JavaScript. - Renamed some images. - Replaced hard lists of authors, nations, subjects and works by **AJAX lists**. - Replaced post form by get form. - Some cosmetic changes. * 01.04.00 β€” October 8, 2015 - Added **responsive mode**. - Added links to subject, nation, author and work items. - Improved HTML 5 and CSS. * 01.03.01 β€” November 15, 2014 - Added donate button on Web application and documentation. * 01.03.00 β€” July 3, 2014 - Added Twitter and Facebook links. - Added nofollow attribute to the id and list links. - Corrected CSS order. - Corrected some typos in DB. - Corrected wrong parameters in to_log() calls. - Hide password in log messages. - Improved JavaScript loading. - Removed Dina font. - Set button padding for some browsers. * 01.02.00 β€” February 7, 2014 - Added handler error function and possibility to send error log by mail. - Added lists in `index.php` and API. - Added OPiQuotations->quotations_by_random() function. - Added _selected_label table in DB. - Corrected / bug in highlight. - Corrected bug in Db->nb(). - Extended OPiQuotations->query_quotations() function. - More robust OPiQuotations->quotation_by_id() function. - Renamed highlight.js to OPiQuotations.js. * 01.01.00 β€” February 5, 2014 - Added link in display of id quotation. - Added dealing of GET params in `index.php`. - Added OPiQuotation->to_text_twitter() method. - Added `une-OPiCitation-pour-Facebook.php` application. - Added `une-OPiCitation-pour-Twitter.php` application. - Generalized access to log file. - Corrected Bitbucket link problem with Chrome. - Corrected bug if empty ids. - Corrected some typos in DB. * 01.00.01 β€” January 7, 2014 - Added `text_stripped` and `translation_stripped` fields in DB for better sorting. - Added `vw_quotation` in DB. * **01.00.00** β€” January 4, 2014 - First public version. * November 25, 2013: started.