Mudslinger is a web based MUD client written in Typescript. It consists of a Node.js / Express web server and a HTML/CSS/Javascript frontend.

The Node.js server makes telnet connections to the target host/port and acts as a telnet proxy for the frontend application.

It can be configured to connect only to a specific host/port or allow connections to any host/port.

Live version at:

Host and port can also be passed as URL parameters, e.g.


  • ANSI color
  • XTERM 256 colors
  • UTF-8
  • MXP support (<image>, <send>, <a>, <i>, <b>, <u>, and <s> tags)
  • Triggers (basic and regex)
  • Aliases (basic and regex)
  • Scripting support (Javascript)

Getting started

  1. Run npm install in the root directory.
  2. npm run build to build the server and client.
  3. Edit configClient.js and configServer.js as needed.
  4. npm start to start the server.


See LICENSE file.