Spotiload uses the official Spotify API to create mp3 tracks of 
spotify links, playlists, albums or the whole content of an account.


* Creates 320kbit mp3s of any spotify link
* Writes album, artist and title information as ID3 tags
* Embeds covert art into every mp3
* Creates folders for albums/playlists and creates folder.jpg images
* Creates m3u play list files for spotify playlists / albums


spotiload -u <user> -p <password> -link <link> -key <appkey> -cachedir <cachedir>

* <user> is your spotify user name
* <password> is your spotify password
* <link> can be any spotify URI in form spotify:.... or 'all' to download the 
  whole content of an account
* <appkey> is the developer key that you got from Spotify when registering
  as developer
* <cachedir> is the path to your local file system where spotiload can create 
  temporary files


* spotiload -u myname -p mypwd -link all -key mykey.key
  This will download the whole library of user myname
* spotiload -u myname -p mypwd -link starred -key mykey.key
  This will download all favourites of user myname
* spotiload -u myname -p mypwd \
    -link spotify:album:06SY6Ke6mXzZHhURLVU57R -key mykey.key
  This will download the album "Teenage Dream" from "Katy Perry"

Quality: Spotify uses ogg internally but with the official libspotify, you
cannot access this data so spotiload needs to re-encode the delivered audio
data. Everything is done inside of the program, there is no soundcard used and
no additional quality loss than re-encoding ogg to mp3. Spotiload uses the 
LAME codec at highest quality setting and uses 320kbit as bitrate to 
preserve maximum audio quality.


Initially, a modified despotify library was used to write ogg files without
any quality loss at all. Unfortunately, despotify no longer works and 
spotiload died. I then rewrote it to use the official libspotify,