added <unistd.h> to stdafx.h for getcwd on linux

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hg pull -r viggge/added-unistdh-to-stdafxh-for-getcwd-on-l-1440705584081
hg merge viggge/added-unistdh-to-stdafxh-for-getcwd-on-l-1440705584081
hg commit -m 'Merged in viggge/spotiload/viggge/added-unistdh-to-stdafxh-for-getcwd-on-l-1440705584081 (pull request #1)'
  1. viggge

if unistd.h is no included, it won't compile on linux, because getcwd is missing.

Comments (1)

  1. Chris King

    Could not find any other way of actually raising an issue for this repo so I hope this finds someone.
    Is this application still even usable? I can see it requires a developer key but as far as I can see spotify are not issuing these anymore?

    For example a 404. Can I obtain a key some other way?

    Looking at this application is expecting one.

    Any advice would be most welcome as I would love to get this working.