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 Agarwal et al.\cite{Agarwal03structuredimportance} managed to convert HDR environment maps to directional light points, yet many lights are needed for a quality result. This is a deterministic method,and this approach is based in stratifying and sampling of an environment map. Each stratum is then converted to a directional light at its center.
 Keller \cite{Keller97instantradiosity} uses instant radiosity. This algorithm is based in light particle tracing through a stochastic method and virtual lights. It's a good candidate for lightcuts, despite previously being restricted to approximations. It is used by Wald in an interactive system, and he added techniques to increase resolution. Photon Mapping is another approach, and requires and semi spheric gathering for good results (200 to 5000 rays), yet lightcuts uses less rays.\\
 Hierarchical structures and clusters have been used (radiosity techniques) yet they calculate independently of vision, which increases computational time and are prone to geometrical failures, like coincident or intersecting polygons. \\

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