When using Video Hacks + Sound "Movie recording has been stopped automatically"

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When i try to use the video hacks (16GB file limit) it automatically disables the canon sound. I then activate it again and start recording. But after 4 seconds i get the error Message "Movie recording has been stopped automatically'" if i disable sound it works fine (even with bitrate 2.0x, i havent tried higher yet)

If i disable the video hacks and enable sound it works too.

Now i tried the "autoexec.bin.EXfat.600D.Latest" from Tragic Lantern 1 and it seems to work with sound (havent tried the 4GB yet, my battery just died on me :() and if im not mistaken that bin has the file limit patched also.

So is this a bug, does it just happen to me or should it be this way.

Sorry if this isnt the right place but i didnt find any thread for tragic lantern in the magic lantern forum.

I hope this can be fixed, i really want to use the 16gb file limit and sound.

best regards

ps. im sorry if i didnt set the boxes correct (assignee, priority...)

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  1. One Percent repo owner

    true, have to have it not disable sound just for the file limit. didn't even think of this.

    bigger issue is indicators/sync at the moment.

  2. macearl

    Ok so its not just me (good to hear :))

    I will just use the old one until then, keep up the good work ;)

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