GPS Auto Off while camera Sleeps or turned off

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Nick Maverick created an issue

I could not find any location of "requests" or something like that, so I am very sorry if this is not the place for a request.

A major problem for battery drain is GPS and GPS logging. There is no feature in camera to turn GPS automatically off when camera goes to sleep or is turned off (you can only turn off GPS logging once and both options manually).

We would appreciate such an option if this is possible.
Just an option to turn off GPS and GPS logging when camera is going to sleep or turned off (right before actually turning off).

Thank you

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  1. One Percent repo owner

    I could add something like that from ML power save but the canon one happens on its own.

  2. Nick Maverick reporter

    I could really appreciate such a feature, at least for the GPS (not the logging for start). And that could add another unique function only Magic-Tragic Lantern would have.

  3. Roman Meloun

    I love the GPS in my camera. But this issue is the only reason I do not use it. I really can't understand the canon developers. It is totally nonsence that when you forget to turn the GPS off, the battery is after some hours (days) discharged.

  4. Jim Pollock

    PLEASE... add this functionality. This is the ONLY serious problem I have with my 6D and it is SERIOUS in my book. I want to be able to use GPS, but don't want my camera dead every time I take it out of my case because I forgot to work through the menu structure and shut-off GPS. I have called Canon and complained about this twice this year and have a long thread going with MANY supporters on the Canon Forums. But, alas, the 6D will be obsolete before they fix this issue. In my book these are the priorities for solving the problem:

    1. When you turn the camera off, if logging is off, then GPS sleeps.
    2. 1 hour after the camera falls asleep, GPS falls asleep.
    3. Rather than #2: When camera falls asleep, GPS falls asleep

    Please help us, 1% !!!


    Jim in Boulder

  5. One Percent repo owner

    Ok, I set it to turn off GPS at shutdown. I'll check what it does in powersave. For now you have to turn it back on manually on power up. Is it better or worse?

  6. Jim Pollock

    Very cool, 1% !! I could live with having to turn it back on manually. Would be nice to have it come back on automatically on power up. But much better to at least have it turn off. That saves the battery.

    Thanks!!! Jim

  7. Jim Pollock

    Just saw that Canon just released firmware 1.1.4 for the 6D today. Does that require a “do not install” until you have a new release of Tragic?


    Jim Pollock
    Boulder, CO USA
    c: 303.415.9200

  8. One Percent repo owner

    yea, don't have 1.1.4 yet so won't run till its ported

    also the auto on/off version is being tested

  9. Jim Pollock

    Loaded the 2014Mar19 load with GPS-autoOff. Very cool. Wow. Waiting a year for Canon to do it. HUGE step forward just having the front end off. I can deal with turning it back on again manually. Now I KNOW I'll have a solid charge when I pull my camera out of the bag after a 1 week hiatus. Thanks!

    Jim in Boulder

    PS: Just checked the AutoOff... that disables GPS as well. Cool. don't have to remember to turn the camera off either. Very cool.

  10. Roman Meloun

    Great. One Percent is the best. Only 2 days and it is done. Amazing. I miss thishese customizations now when I sold 6D and bought D800. Guys, I use D800 for 2 weeks and I can say that 6D is much better than D800. The only advantages are a little bit better sensor and the resolution (the reason i bought it).

  11. Nick Maverick reporter

    Actually this took a while. The issue was open since 2014-01-19. But it is still a very fast and useful upgrade.
    Many thanks

  12. Nick Maverick reporter

    Having tested it, I feel it needs a little more push to achieve perfection as Jim Pollock has also noted .
    A little thinking: Save the state of GPS and logger when powersave or camera is turned off, then restore last state on camera wake or power on. This is what we actually need in addition to your very good work.

  13. Nick Maverick reporter

    It is? I'll check it right away! I downloaded and installed it. This is the right zip, am I right?

  14. Nick Maverick reporter

    Nope. It shuts down all right, but does not turn on automatically (in the last state) when Camera wakes/turns on. You need to manually turn it on from the menu.

  15. Nick Maverick reporter

    Sorry, I did not read correctly. It will be in the next update you mean, right? I thought it was already implemented and in the last zip that I downloaded a few hours ago.

  16. One Percent repo owner

    you would have to compile off march 20th. I'm trying to get it into ML but it works as is. Whatever you set it to before hand gets restored at power on. The 19th just turned it off.

  17. Nick Maverick reporter

    I can't begin to say how much I appreciate your support, work and aditude!!! "Thank you" is a very small expression for how I feel right now!

  18. Jim Pollock

    Downloaded your file dropper version: 2014Mar20 and installed on 6D
    Seems to work fine.
    GPS turns off with PowerOff and AutoSleep
    GPS returns to prior state on PowerOn and Wake

    As I mentioned earlier and Nick agreed, for a thorough implementation there needs to be a small amount of user configuration: whether the GPS-AutoOff is enabled or not, and amount of delay from the Off-event to when the GPS is off'd. 1%: Is such a delay possible? Would you like me to write a mini-spec that covers these conditions?

    Jim in Boulder

  19. Nick Maverick reporter

    To be perfectly honest, I really like the camera's behavior like now, with the simple auto-off and wake up recovery and it also maximizes battery state without the delay.

  20. wzhong269

    Hi, all.
    I downloaded
    However, I couldn't find where the menu " GPS-AutoOff " is?
    Can anyone tell me how to tune this exciting function on?
    Thanks a lot.

  21. Nick Maverick reporter

    One Percent, would you be kind enough to put this into the downloads section? I can't find it anywhere right now.


  22. Nick Maverick reporter

    I have it (magiclantern-v31337tragic2014mar206d113), but people are asking about the download from bb, that's why I am asked you where it is located.

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