Core not unzipping properly

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David Kuhn created an issue

Hey I saw this game on a facebook post and I thought it looked like a awsome game. So I went to the website and downloaded the Windows core for 1.1.6 and when i tried to unzip it, it gave me a problem. It said " The following invalid filename was encountered in the archive " insert archive name here" for 4 diferent files which i will list in " ".

1 "Pokemone Insurgence 1.1.6\Graphics\Tilesets\Thumbs.db:encryptable" 2 "_MACOSX\Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.6\Graphics._Thumbs.db:encryptable" 3 "Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.6\Transitions\Thumbs.db:encryptable" 4 "_MACOSX\Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.6\Transitions._Thumbs.db:encryptable"

I don't know if me running on a 64 bit system has anything to do with it.

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