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A few suggestions for the next update regarding TM/HM/Tutor/Mega Stone, would be great if the next update bring at least some of these into the game :)

  • TM/HM: Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, Earthquake, False Swipe, Waterfall
  • Tutor: Aqua Tail (Serperior needs this), Elemental Punches (would love Fire Punch on Delta Charizard :D), Iron Tail, Hyper Voice, Heat Wave
  • Mega Stone: Meganiumite (we already have access to Typhlosionite and Feraligatrite, so why not the last one left for the Johto Starters?)

Also, speaking of Mega, Mega Gothitelle's Ethereal Shroud has no indicator of its effect activating in battle, any Normal or Fight move used on it just straight up doesn't do anything. This is really confusing for players, I suggest adding some kind of indicator, like for example a dialogue stating "Mega Gothitelle's Ethereal Shroud negates the attack!"

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