Egglocke not working as an egglocke

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So I decided to play Light version as a female named Rose. The only challenge I'm doing is the Egglocke. I first started having problems when I chose my starter Pokemon. I chose Delta Charmander. It said to swap out the Delta Charmander for a Pokemon Egg. Than it gave me this screen.

So I put Delta Charmander in the box and took it out again. I got Delta Charmander back and it was nicknamed Egg Token but I beat Damien.

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  1. phantomness

    So I tried again, playing Light version, 1.1.6, as a boy named Red. I chose Eevee instead of one of the Delta Pokemon. Same problem... I get the 'You cannot interact with this box in an Egglocke' error. Then this happens. egglockeerror3.png

  2. DarkAngelJas

    You have to swap the Egg Token named pokemon for the egg itself as a trade into the box for the egg.

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