Raining in Abyss Base, also 3 wall tiles walkable

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Nikita Colletta created an issue

I lost to Audrey, and upon returning to the Abyss base the rain and thunder from the previous route seems to have followed me into the base. It is carrying over multiple rooms, but other than that isn't affecting gameplay.

Bonus you can walk into the 3 tiles next to this warp in the Abyss base.

Edit: Changed to minor bug, as now I have to deal with permanent rain for the Audrey boss fight! AND SHE HAS ALMOST ALL WATER POKEMON OH GOD DOUBLE HARD MODE.

Edit 2: Walking into route 10 and out fixed the glitch

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  1. Nikita Colletta reporter

    Turns out the rain never ended, even after Primal Kyogre temporarily over-writ it in battle. Welp time to make a rain team lol (will attempt to go to the perma-rain route and leave to see if that removes the weather)

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