Pokemon/Items in hidden grotto encounters do not cycle

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I'm running Pokemon Insurgence 1.1.6 on Windows 7 and I currently have 2 badges. Hidden grottos regenerate pokemon/items as intended, but they're always the same. The hidden grotto on Route 4 always yields a Poliwhirl, the one on Route 3 always yields a Sawk, and the one in Midna Gardens always yields an Exeggcute. Persists through several (~10 times) each due to both time and soft resets.

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  1. Birk Heinen

    I'm currently running Pokémon Insurgence 1.2.3 and found the hiddenn grotto on Route 4 not working. I can't remember being in there but even if so that must have been the last time I played this game which was last summer(2017). So the following might be a cycling problem but I guess that's rather unlikely. What happened is that I saved in front of this hidden grotto to reset it for Delta Sunkern to appear but when I went inside, nothing was there. After resetting a few times and exploring the empty grotto I found out that if I press enter on a specific tile a battle against a Charmander starts even though it's not even in this grotto.

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