Text not appearing on Mac on version 1.1.6

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Former user created an issue

I have 2 copies of the game and am running Mac OS 10.11.1

1st is a 1.0 version of the game which I merged with the 1.1.6 patch - after doing this the game opened despite an error about wineskin. In game there was however no text appearing (see the screenshots attached.)

2nd is a fresh 1.1.6 core game I downloaded when this wasn't working (then I tranferred my save game). The game would not open due the wineskin error that was not affecting the 1st copy of the game. I opened the screen settings in wineskin and selected the option 'Use Mac driver instead of X11'. The game then opens but has the same issue as above (no text)

I loaded the game via the .exe (using my native wine program) and the game opened with text (but promptly crashed when I opened a PC at a Pokemon Centre).