Game opens Wineskin

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When I try to open the game it opens the Wineskin download.

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  1. mary berejikyan

    can someone fix this I've been trying since it came out and nothing works.i even tried downloading 1.0.12 and patching 1.1.0 but that didn't work it kept crashing aster making the mew sound on the title screen, when u try to choose any of the options,like start new game,controls,etc..

  2. Agardite

    Temporary fix posted on reddit by /u/Arc_Tech: 1. Double click program 2. Click advanced 3. Change the Windows EXE field from "/Program Files/Pokemon Insurgence 1.0/Game.exe" to "/Program Files/Pokemon Insurgence 1.1/Game.exe" 4. Close and relaunch

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