cant properly extract the files to play the game

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kevin jørgensen created an issue

i am having severe issues extracting files, for those of you that mightbe danish reading this i am referring to ''pak ud'' and though i can select the ''pokemon insurgence 1.1.6 zip file and choose ''pak ud alle''/extract then though i do that then it downloads the files (28106 elements) suuuuuuper slow, i have no clue as to what makes this happen, i have 219 free GB space on this laptop so space shouldnt be a issue and i have had this laptop on for more than 1 day the files extraction progress is still at 0% with 27953 files to go (starting number was 28106) and everyone can agree that with me that its far to slow, my friend downloaded the game when it was at ver. 1.1.5 and it just took him 1 hourso something must be wrong on my end, btwi am using the standerd windows zip file extraction that came with the laptop, also does my web cache and or search history have anything to do with it? i will also show ya how the download looks like in a pic, please tell me if anything is wrong with it i reallyneed a dam lot of help :(

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