Down Button glitch?

Issue #1313 closed
Rachel Jackson created an issue

So whenever I load the game and try to do ANYTHING, I will always go down. This doesn't affect anything else but my game. I took my keyboard out of the thingy and put it back in like 3 times. And I can't get a new version cause my computer is a butthole!

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  1. Rachel Jackson reporter

    Alsooooo, I kept trying and trying and BAM, the down button worked again but.... sigh the h key is held down.... and then the next day I got on the down button didn't work. Also at the same time the down button doesn't work, the g button doesn't work. Like wtf keyboard? Y can't we be friendsssss? (And also I didn't know they had a randomizer O_o... believe in the peeko.)

  2. Sleepymon 12

    That's an issue with your keyboard memory buffer. Try mashing the key that is held down or restart your computer.

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