Weird bug prevent playing

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So, I downloaded the 1.1.7 patch on my laptop, copied it to my computer, put the new data into my Insurgence folder, and no matter which save file I load, this always happens. If I click OK or "x", the game closes itself. So basically, this bug prevents me from playing the game.

This is weird, because I can play just fine on my laptop, with the same save files, and the Insurgence on my laptop is also on 1.1.7.

And back then I can play on both laptop and computer with no problem.

EDIT: tried a fresh full download of 1.1.7. on my computer, but it doesn't work either. The bug is still there.

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  1. Jakob Neuhauser

    The same has happened to me now. I'm running Windows 10 though but the same text still floats over the screen. Need halp I'm also getting Mews cry instead of Kyogres (wich it should be in 1.1.6).

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