Text errors from the entire game so far

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People dialogue errors:

As it is also important for details to be noted too:

Suntouched City:

After trying to open the door to the Subway Station it says:

"Suntouched City: "The door to the Pokemon Subway Station is Unlocked"

If unlocked, why can't I enter?

Midna Town:

In a house, there is a guy with a green hat, he says the following:

"I've been doing some research into Delta Pokemon. They're a rare variety of Pokemon with different types, abilities and movesets than normal. They seem to appear in the wild from time to time, but they're more often created by scientists. I wish I could see one for myself!"

It would be nice if this guy gives a special item of some sort too.

Hekate Town:

-Guy that talks about the portals: "Don't worry - those little glowing orbs can't hurt you. Hekate town is actually split into multiple clearings in the forest. Tthose portals will take you from one part of the town to another! I'm not entirely sure how it works...something to do with the move Teleport, maybe. It's incredibly cool though!

Just the 'Tthose' letter error. Details are important after all no matter how small they are. That part jus needs fixing.

-The girl with the red hat that welcomes you to the town (she's on the ground next to houses after goin on the teleportation orb): The colouring of her third sentence is black when it is supposed to be red I think.
She says the following: "Welcome to Hekate Town!" (in red colour, text 1)

"It's always nice to see a new face around these parts - not many people come by." (red colour, text 2)

"/It's 'cos this town has a bad reputation what with all the magic stuff happening here." (black colour, text 3)

"People don't like it, not at all." (red colour text 4)

For text 3, I think it is probably because of the '/' symbol which made it black in colour, or i'm not sure.


Would be great if there are sign boards (or atleast one signboard in each town) leading to the Pika Taxi cuz there are times when one has to wander around the whole city just to look for that taxi.

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