Gamebug: Can not move after winning first rival battle

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I've been resetting for the past month and a bit for the shiny starters, and currently I'm at 2/3

However, my file appears to have received a fault after patching to 1.1.7. I finally rolled my shiny delta bulbasaur, so I defeated the rival to progress. However, now I can not move from the spot. I appear to be locked in place. I can only alter auto run and autosave.

So, I autosaved and reset the game, returning me back to the same location still unable to move.

Because it was the patch, I wondered what would happen if I downgraded to 1.1.6 and tried there. In 1.1.6, I now can move, however the game does not recognize that I have a starter and have gone through the fight. I have the option of picking the remaining pokeball, or the Eevee.

Picking the Eevee does nothing. Picking the remaining delta goes through a new starter battle, with the rival picking a pokemon from a non-existnt pokeball. However, the starter battle goes as before and locks at the same point as before. However, I am able to switch to my original choice and use that in battle freely as well, so, two starters.

Can provide anything asked for. I've provided what I believe is the save file with the shiny delta bulbasaur, the quicksave files and my screenshots of the shiny delta bulbasaur.

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  1. Dane Thulin

    I am able to be contacted at Danetrix on the reddit page, or Canetrix in discord. (at least, until December is over. then I'll be back to Danetrix in the discord)

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