Game freezes in the Ancient Ruins after Lucario Mega-Evolves

Issue #137 resolved
Former user created an issue

After defeating the Abyssal henchmen, the Lucario comes to protect the Riolu and Mega-Evolves to do so. Following this, the henchmen say they'd better run, and the screen goes dark, but when the picture comes back the henchmen are still present. Then there's a little dialogue between Lucario and Nora, after which Lucario moves away and the game freezes. Music is still playing, but the player character, Nora, and the Abyssal members are motionless on the screen.

I feel this is pretty major because it's a bug that prevents any further progression through the story.

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  1. Sheeno

    Exactly the same for me. After M Lucario runs off the top of the screen, all the characters (henchmen inclusive) are stuck there. The music carries on playing but the player is unable to move (the quicksave button does still work, however). This is my first playthrough of the game - I started playing it a couple of nights ago and did not start a new save file for patch 1.1, could this have anything to do with it?

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