Vipik Dump Stuck on Island

Issue #1436 new
YuzzzzuY created an issue

Apparently it's possible to get stuck on the island where Damian was kept on.

How to reproduce:

  1. Surf and land on the island, which should result in attached pic 2, with your pokemon follower on the other side

  2. Use surf/lapras doll to get off the island, notice how your follower returns to his pokeball from the island instead of his original spot.

  3. Get back on the island without going ashore anywhere else and voila, stuck.

Since it's not possible to use lapras doll from your bag, you're now stuck on the island. Also since that patch of water allow the use of rods, you cannot let your pokemon faint to get off the island either. If you have a pokemon with surf, you might be able to get off, otherwise you'll have to reload a save file or restart if you actually saved the game while stuck on the island.

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