Charging turn animation when there is no target

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I was training against the Audino trainer, when I noticed a small anomaly with the battle animations.

Basically, if I use a two turn move (I tried with Dig, Bounce and Solar Beam) and my pokemon gets outsped by Audino's Healing Wish, I get the "But there is no target" animation instead of the "charging" animation (for instance "[your pokemon] digs underground", for Dig).

Most likely, it happens with all the moves "with a charging turn" (as referred to by bulbapedia, namely Dig and Solar Beam) whenever "there is no target" (though I could not check what happens when the opponent faints by recoil, Explosion or Life Orb).

I verified that the move does not get interrupted: the attack goes on the following turn, and the accuracy is unaffected (it does not fail automatically).

I am incline to think it's just a matter of animation and that it does not affect the battle at all, but I think that the following might be worth double-checking (if it has not been done already):

  1. If this animation issue glitches the semi-invincibility turn of moves like Dig, Fly, Dive et cetera, for instance by preventing its activation.
  2. If hazards can be set up.
  3. If the behaviour with Outrage-like moves works correctly.

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