Aroma Veil bugs

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If you use pokemon with Aroma Veil on the first slot during Taen double battle in Dragon Ruins game crashes when Intimidate hits pokemon with Aroma Veil. I attached screenshot of error message.

Also if you use pokemon with Aroma Veil later in battle, the battle will be locked until pokemon with Aroma Veil faints. In my case it looked like that: First try turn1: Salamence used Earthquake and my pokemon fainted, ally Doublade used Iron Head turn2: I choose Aromatisse, Salamence used Earthquake, Metagross fainted, Doublade didn't recieve any damage, ally Doublade used Iron Head, did no damage to Salamence (it didn't miss), Aromatisse turn skipped, turn4: Enemy chooses Luxray, Salamence used Earthquake hit both Aromatisse and Luxray but not Doublade, Doublade used Iron Head, Salamence recevies no damage, both Aromatisse and Luxrays turn are skipped, nothing changes until Aromatisse faints, then battle continues normally. Second try: Used Revieve on Aromatisse and sent it out after M.Flygon used Ancient Voice, M.Flygon kept using Ancient Voice and not hitting anything. Had to reset because I couldn't do anything

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