Can't start the game?

Issue #1475 closed
Shaaf Rashid created an issue

Whenever I load up the game, I get errors and it closes. I have redownloaded the game and it doesnt fix anything. Screenshots:

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  1. alex

    same here, i tried deleting and re-downloading, replacing the save file with one i found online to see if that would help, and tried to reset it to previous settings. nothing has helped so far. (only the last two pictures have appeared for me, but the "End of file reached" repeats a few times and says 143:75 in the first, then :76, :77, :78.

  2. Edouard Walkiers

    Same here, too. I'm so pissed off... I went this far and now I can't play anymore "thanks" this bug... please, help.

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