NEED HELP Cant Use My Save That I Have on a WinRAR

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Vincent Moussa created an issue

FIRST OF ALL. DO NOT EXTRACT THAT ATTACHMENT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. So here's what happened. I compressed my save file into a WinRar and then deleted the original save file (long story why, in the end the reason is im retarded) inside the attachment is my save file for pokemon insurgence. HOWEVER, whenever i extract the file and open it, i get the "this file does not exist bug" which makes it so that you can't delete or move that file from where you extracted it, inside the WinRaR is the "game" file and my saves 1-3 (even though they are empty). YOU SHOULD NOT EXTRACT THE FILE but rather view it in WinRAR by rightclick -> view file. When I do this I can see that all the content is there and I just need help transfering all this code on to a usable save. If someone knows how i could that would be much appreciated. Unfortunately I had the files as "open as internet explorer" when i put them into the WinRaR, which sucks because if i had opened them with note pad I could have just opened another note pad and copy and paste. However that wont work now because they are in different formats. One in bloody WinRaR viewer (you can change the code format but the spacing in between the words fucks up when you try to move it over to a different medium) and one in what even i want but internet explorer doesnt have a way of viewing the file, the only reason i can is through the WinRaR viewer, but you can't edit another WinRaR file and you can't make a blank one. SO PLEASE ANYONE WHO KNOWS HOW THEY CAN USE THIS CODE IN A WINRAR FORMAT TO ACTUALLY PUT IT IN A USABLE FORMAT TO SAVE MY SAVE FILE PLEASE HELP, THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND IM PRETTY FAR IN AND I DONT WANT TO RESTART HALP ME <3. Thanks

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