i think my game isn't randomized anymore

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So i was playing pokemon insurgence on a challenge mode of just randomized, but i still played the nuzlocke variant without the variant itself (because i don't like the idea of forced no healing after fainting), and when i was on route 6, the bird keeper had a fearow, pidgeot and a swoobat, which it normally has, then i looked for wild Pokemon, gogoat appears. I'm thinking: "yeah i think this isn't randomized anymore...what happened?" i fight another trainer with the team he normally has, a spinda and diggersby.

This is either a HUGE HUGE HUGE coincidence or my game isn't randomized anymore, because i went back into rezzai desert and i encountered both ground types.


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  1. OpticalPlays

    this also all started when i got the delta scizorite and put it on my delta scizor, when i tried to use it in battle, it wouldn't let me mega evolve.

    [FYI this is also my first bug issue so things might not be the way it should]

    EDIT: I took off the delta scizorite, and it still isn't randomized...

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