Life Orb and Sheer Force have wrong interaction

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Hi. Anyone who has played Pokemon competitively will know the unique and wonderful interaction between Sheer Force and Life Orb. In the original games, a Pokemon with Sheer Force + Life Orb can use an ability with a Secondary Effect (like Sludge Bomb, Scald, etc.) and have it boosted not just by 1.3x, but by 1.3x1.3=1.69x. Effectively, both Life Orb and Sheer Force boost that move's power multiplicatively. Source.

The Sheer Force ability considers Life Orb's recoil to be a "Secondary Effect", so Sheer Force negates the recoil completely, and this was implemented correctly in Insurgence. However, when Sheer Force negates Life Orb's recoil, ie. the Pokemon with Sheer Force + Life Orb uses a move with a Secondary Effect, Life Orb's damage boost seems to be ignored.

I have tested this with a Level 70 Feraligatr, max IVs and EVs in Attack with neutral nature. To be sure I encounter Pokemon with the same stats, I fought only Memory Chamber Trainers' Pokemon. See the proof here:

This is a pretty significant bug for PvP battling.

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  1. King Feraligatr

    I can confirm this is is still in 1.2. I was going through the story with a SF, LO, Adamant, Max EVs Ferarligatr and it failed to even KO things like a Raticate that was 5 levels below it with a STAB Waterfall. And this isn't even mentioning the lack of damage output on other Pokemon. It'd be nice to have this fixed.

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