No mega evolutions are working

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I played an earlier version of Insurgence a few months back and did not have this issue.

Now (1.1.7): I've completed all of the current storyline, but have had to do so without using mega evolution a single time. I've read that you need to press Z or shift to toggle your pokemon's mega stone, yet I have never seen any visual indication of this occurring on screen. I've tried resetting the controls to default, and also a fresh download of Insurgence 1.1.7, but nothing is affecting this.

(Purity mode is off. This is on the Windows version)

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  1. pottl92

    Well you got the MegaRing in Helios City, you give the appropriate mega stone to the pokemon that should mega (example delta charizarnite for d. charizard; as hold item) then in the battle there should be, before u choose your move you should be able to trigger the mega evolution, by tapping z or maybe y if keyboard as a weird binding... as english keyboards may differ from others (germans f.e.)

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